Personal Savior?

May 12, 2006

From What Would Jesus Ask?:

The Jesus we create in our mind, you know the one that works for us, perhaps, this Jesus is not the real Jesus. Last time I checked, this Jesus does not demand my life. Actually, this Jesus tells me that everything is going to be okay and that I should just fall in line with the rest of them. Somehow the Jesus of the Gospels does not fit the Jesus we make up in our church gatherings.

Would Jesus be as concerned with appearance as we are? Do we ask the questions Jesus would ask? Do we have the people in our communities which Jesus would have? If Jesus showed up to our quaint religious services, would we let him in with his town whore and fishermen buddies?

Since when did Jesus’ message become nice, tame, and purposed in serving the individual soul? Didn’t Jesus give us a mandate to go into the whole world and make disciples? Is that not different than an altar call to save souls?

I’m left wondering which Bible we read in America…

God help your church.

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  1. since we have changed the gospel from repentance to acceptance, castrated the manhood of Christ (the sense that Christ was a REAL man, not the skinny gender neutral guy we’ve seen in some pictures and even a movie or two), chosen entertainment and entertainers as our spokesmen instead of prophets (which we just copied from the world), and overall attempted to build our Christian kingdom on earth instead of build the Eternal one.

    Good stuff! Jesus and his disciples would not be welcome at most Christian gatherings.


  2. I think that more specifically, the general masses that would be following Him would be one of the main reasons he’d be rejected… “yeah, we like that Jesus guy, but those weirdos following him…”