Is There An Elephant Under There?

September 4, 2007

>Pastor Mark Batterson, in The Elephant in the Church, asked:

What are some taboo topics we ought to be talking about? What are some confessions the church needs to make? What are those issues that everybody is thinking about but nobody is talking about?

So I couldn’t help but comment.

How about:

1) We spend most of our money on ourselves. We pay lip service to the “widows and orphans” thing, but in reality we really just want better bands, more charismatic speakers, and more comfortable seats.

2) We don’t really live out Christ’s commandment to “love one another.” We think it sounds good, but we’d rather just have our churches be REALLY good at marketing instead.

3) We don’t seriously ask people to consider the cost of following Christ. We think that whole “take up your cross and follow me” thing makes sense for missionaries, and maybe some pastors and staff, but not really anybody else. We just want to have a good job, and nice house, and live comfortably. We don’t really want to hear that death imagery that Jesus liked to use with His followers.

4) Church leadership is more than willing to allow the other three so they can keep money-giving members in the seats each week.