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This is something you have to read. A blog I often read linked to an booklet written a few years ago by Pastor Dennis Rosker of Duluth Bible Church in Minnesota titled “Seven Reasons Not to Ask Jesus Into Your Heart.”

The seven reasons listed were:

  • It is never found in the Bible.
  • It is not how one is saved.
  • It requires no understanding of the gospel of grace to do it.
  • It confuses the means of salvation with the results of salvation.
  • It either results in no assurance of salvation or brings a false assurance to people.
  • Revelation 3:20 does not teach it.
  • It does not clarify the condition of salvation, it confuses it – especially with children.

    I’d recommend you read Heath Casey’s summary of the article first, he did a great job summarizing it. You can also view the original PDF booklet (22 pages).